Firm profile

■ Our law firm - founded by Dr. Klaus Kocher in 1994 and run in partnership with Mag. Wilfried Bucher since 2004 - is considered as an all-round legal office, where we aim to cover as many every-day legal issues as possible.

We have a wide-range service portfolio and we represent not only private persons, but also enterprises, associations and public corporations. We feel obliged to our clients´ interests, we always look for the best solution to their legal concerns. If required, we cooperate with foreign legal offices and work interdisciplinarily with experts in other fields.

Many years of experience and our international-oriented approach ensure competent legal support and representation of our clients, who we guide not only through court proceedings, but through negotiations outside court and through procedures in front of arbitrational tribunals as well. Our firm communicates in various languages; in particular our focus lies on the eastern and the southeastern areas of Europe. Due to our legal competence and more than 20 years of experience in this field, we belong to the leading law firms in the field of the Austrian asylum- and migration law.

From our head office in Graz and our office in Vienna we will take up our activities throughout Austria.